Flood map change triggers false flood insurance mandates

City offers assistance to concerned homeowners

by Laura Adelmann
Thisweek Newspapers

City leaders say some Farmington homeowners are being falsely informed by their mortgage lenders that they must purchase expensive flood insurance.

Farmington City Engineer Kevin Schorzman said if homeowners haven’t needed flood insurance in the past they don’t need it now.

The city has a link on its website, www.ci.farmington.mn.us, to a letter homeowners can provide their lender that proves their property has been revalidated out of the floodplain designation.

Changes to federal floodplain maps triggered the lender notices, Schorzman said, and the city has been receiving calls from concerned homeowners.

One homeowner said flood insurance would have cost $2,700 annually, according to Schorzman.

The homeowner provided the lender the letter and the lender’s requirement was dropped.

Among the developments that have been affected by the changes are the Charleswood fourth addition, the Farmington Industrial Park, Dakota County Estates second addition and Meadow Creek.

Homeowners should first go to the city’s website to obtain the letter, and if they need more details or assistance, contact Schorzman at (651) 280-6841.

Laura Adelmann is at [email protected]