Still no new pool in Lakeville

To the editor:

Yes, this is another letter from a swim parent – a tired swim parent.

I have two daughters involved with the Lakeville swim community since 2003. Both are in the swim club, as Lakeville North Swim Team members since 2004, employed by the Aquatics Department since 2007.

My oldest (Class of 2010) spent time she didn’t have her senior year as part of a new pool task force liaison to the Lakeville Area School Board. She knew she would never see adequate facilities herself, but had hopes that her younger teammates would. We know how that worked out. I have served on the club board, helped with countless proposals, fundraisers, expressed my views at board meetings. No pool.

My youngest will start her senior year and seventh year as a North swimmer this fall. It has been seven years getting kicked in the head in crowded lanes, unable to get the workout in some days because both North and South are still forced to practice together seven years after a beautiful state of the art second high school was built with no pool. Still those kids show up 18 hours a week, 7,000 yards a day to represent Lakeville. I would have been nice if Lakeville stood behind them.

It is with much pride that I watched my daughters become confident, physically fit, young women with an amazing work ethic and pride in their accomplishments in the pool. They have wonderful memories and friends from the swim community despite it all.

So, thank you, to all the parents who have fought and been disappointed time and time again. I’m done. And best wishes to the parents who are continuing to fight for adequate facilities for their kids.

Kami Mitteness