Lakeville man charged in alleged drunken burglary

He had a .22 blood alcohol level

A 19-year-old Lakeville man faces charges for an alleged drunken burglary that happened on April 14.

At about 4 a.m., according to the criminal complaint, an inebriated Anthony Garon Reme entered a Lakeville home through an unlocked garage, removed several electronic gadgets from the homeowners cars, searched a refrigerator for a water bottle and proceeded to “zone out.”

According to the criminal complaint, it all started when the homeowner’s wife awoke hearing some activity downstairs. The wife awoke the husband, who would encounter Reme searching through his refrigerator.

The homeowner asked Reme what he was doing and who he was.

“Water bottle,” Reme said.

The homeowner repeated the question.

“I’m looking for a water bottle,” Reme allegedly replied. “My friend Zach told me I could get a water bottle.”

The homeowner told police he instructed Reme to sit down because he was going to call the police. Reme complied. In the meantime, Reme appeared to act “weird and seemed zoned out,” the homeowner told the police.

Once officers arrived, the complaint says, they noticed that Reme seemed intoxicated and had trouble speaking in complete sentences. They searched Reme and found the homeowner’s keys in his pocket, which the homeowner had said were previously on the kitchen sink.

Reme voluntarily submitted to a breath test, which resulted in a measured blood alcohol level of .22, the complaint says.

Officers noticed that a DVD player had been removed from one of the cars in the driveway and was sitting atop a garbage can in the garage. They also noticed several other electronic items organized neatly on the island in the kitchen. The homeowner assured police those items were not there when he went to bed, and said it appeared that they were removed from various locations in the kitchen and living room. A car’s GPS unit was found in the pantry in the kitchen.

According to the criminal complaint, Reme told police he had entered the home with two friends through an unlocked garage, and that his friend Jake lived at the house. However, it became evident that Reme was unsure which of his friends accompanied him into the house. Police searched the house and garage and did not find anyone else.

Reme is charged with first degree burglary, tampering with a motor vehicle and underage drinking. The latter two charges are misdemeanors that could mean up to 90 days in jail for each charge, but the former charge is a felony that carries a maximum of 20 years in jail.