The key to this nation’s survival is ‘yes’ to the marriage amendment

To the editor:

Just how confusing can one person be?

In his letter to the editor, Bill Randall wrote: “I believe marriage is based on love, respect, commitment, and spiritual connection.”

This is hardly a startling revelation to any adult. Who would ever challenge these beliefs as essential to carrying out the marriage vows of chastity, fidelity, and the commitments that spouses make?

Yet, somehow Randall misses the purpose of marriage and the state’s concerns that marriage is for “the common good.”

This requirement is met in the current Minnesota statute that prescribes marriage is between a man and a woman. Nor will these essential elements change one iota with the proposed marriage amendment.

This helps us all understand that the purpose of marriage is to conceive and raise children. All of the available empirical data clearly demonstrate that a marriage between a man and a woman best fulfills these critical requirements.

We must never forget that the future of our state, nation and culture is dependent on its basic building block, the family. Voting “yes” for the marriage amendment will be the key to this nation’s survival.