The freedom to marry is a Christian value

To the editor:

I have been volunteering with Minnesotans United for All Families since last October. As a straight, Christian woman with a wonderful husband of 30 years and four children some might wonder why defeating this amendment is so very important to me.

When my sister first came out to me in college, I was not really surprised but it took some getting used to. Over the years I have come to know that she is still the same sister that I love and care for and my best friend in the entire world; she just happens to be wired differently than me.

My sister has been with her love for the past 17 years. Sherry and Barb are as much a devoted couple as my husband and I are.  Both give back to their community in many different ways as a volunteer firefighter, master naturalist and member of the town board. They also serve their community in their chosen professions as my sister works with people with disabilities and her partner is a nurse anesthetist.  Both Sherry and Barb have been there as we said goodbye to our parents, I battled cancer and we celebrated our children’s accomplishments. They are the most talented, giving people I know.

It hurts me deeply to think that we can vote to say their love is any less meaningful or deserving of formal recognition. Would you want your sister or brother to be told their love wasn’t worthy of marriage or be asked to settle for a civil union?  Allowing their love to be recognized would not change or diminish my marriage in any way.

Voting no on the proposed marriage amendment is important to my family. Please join me so all committed couples have the freedom to marry.

Veda Kanitz