Steve Cherney – Burnsville City Council primary candidate

Age: 60

Steve Cherney

Occupation: Retired AT&T state government affairs manager and local business owner

Education: Master of public administration degree, University of Nebraska

Previous elected, appointed or volunteer positions: Previous Burnsville planning commissioner, Burnsville City Council Member, Burnsville Rotary treasurer, current Senate district treasurer, operations Fire Muster board member, Burnsville emergency responder and Minnesota Volunteer Network member.

1. Why should people vote for you?

I will listen to the citizens of Burnsville and work on their behalf. As a 24-year resident of Burnsville, I have experience in appointed and elected positions with the city government. I have also served and continue to serve in many volunteer capacities and partnering activities with the city. I understand and have a core belief that government at all levels should only provide for services and facilities that we cannot provide for individually: police, fire, roads, sewer, water, to name a few. I will vote to restrain unnecessary spending and support the other council members in that effort.

2. What are the key issues facing the city? How should the city address them?

An important issue will be choosing a new police chief and city manager upon their retirements. Other issues require financial restraint and careful attention. I will help retain our AAA bond rating, manage the retiring TIF districts, support the city operating on a zero budget increase for the next four years, review the newly adopted 10-year plan to look for cost savings and benefits to the city, and shift the $250,000 annual amount from the general fund to the private sector with the overall objective of transferring ownership of the Performing Arts Center to the private sector. Other issues I want to address include improving the consistency of our drinking water, and addressing property value devaluation, road maintenance, Heart of the City underdevelopment and commercial property vacancies.

3. What cost-cutting measures to city spending would you support?

Burnsville is a safe, attractive and clean place to live, and I would not want to undermine these qualities. However, all expenses should be open for review, so that the positive aspects of the city can be retained with as little government involvement and cost as possible.

4. Assess the work of the current mayor and council. What is your leadership style?

The current City Council makeup has been the best representative council in 20 years. When possible, I would work collaboratively with the council and mayor to address the key issues; but I also will stand by my principles and positions.