EVAA Mustang Royals Win the Championship

The EVAA Mustang Royals won the Championship in the Lakeville Tournament.

They had an outstanding season with only two losses all season long. The tournaments were held July 26-29. The Royals had a first-round bye, so they played Saturday morning against Apple Valley and won 7 to 6. Their second game, also on Saturday, was against Eagan Black, at which the Royals excelled and won 18 to 0.

Sunday was the big day again against Eagan Black at the Lakeville South varsity field. The boys won 11 to 4. The winning pitcher for all three games was Myles Higgs, ending up with seven strikeouts in the final game. Tyler Brodeur got the save in the first game and in the championship. These boys were coached by Gene Parks and Bob Brotzel. Many of these boys have played for Parks and Brotzel for many years and couldn’t ask for better coaches.

The roster for the Champions are as follows (no particular order): Max Kane, Tyler Brodeur, Scott Moss, Matt Huhner, Dylan Nelson, Duggan Parks, Jack Bernstein, Myles Higgs, Chris Sorenson, Brandon Marshall, Paul Brotzel, Alec Hanson, Jacob Holcomb, Joe Dolan and Matt Wangler. On the injured list was Andy Pickle McCullough.  All the boys on the team will be seniors, so this was their last year to play for EVAA.