Who is paying the largest share?

To the editor:

What possible creative juices can Paul Hoffinger (“A puzzle and key,” Sun Thisweek Aug. 17) relate to when he says our problems stem from an underpaid workforce that is taxed far beyond their “fair share”? Sounds like the platform of a party that has led us into a debt crisis which obligates our families to come up with almost $50,000 in order to eradicate it.

My friends, clients and colleagues are well aware they are picking up the tab for the 99 percent who are paying their “fair share.” Who is putting $10,000 in the education pot for every child they have in our public schools? Nobody I know, except me and my friends and clients. If you check closely you will find huge numbers of Minnesotans aren’t even covering their maintenance with the taxes they pay or don’t pay.

As I have said many times in a multitude of letters, my clients range from the upper 5 percent to 1 percent and the only thing they consider “luck” in their lives is finding someone who could open their eyes to the opportunities available to all.