County cuts levy to reduce property tax burden

Dakota County’s portion of property tax bills is expected to drop in 2013 because commissioners reduced the levy to help combat an increased tax burden caused by a decline in the county’s tax base.

A median-valued home of $187,300 will see a reduction of $29.62 in the county portion of its property taxes next year, and that amount may be reduced even more if commissioners make further levy reductions, a possibility Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord said Tuesday commissioners may pursue.

Local governments can reduce the preliminary levy but cannot increase it in December when the final levy will be set.

Overall, property values are expected to decline 4.6 percent in 2013, cutting the county’s taxable base and causing the county portion of property taxes to increase if the levy remained the same.

At an Aug. 28 budget workshop, commissioners directed staff to reduce the 2013 levy by $250,000, from $129,402,073 this year to $129,152,073 in 2013.

County commissioners also proposed the Regional Rail levy stay the same in 2013, setting a preliminary levy of $1.6 million.

County workshops are set Nov. 6-9, and a public hearing on the county budget and levy is set for Nov. 27.

The county’s final budget and levy will be adopted Dec. 11.