Beem is dedicated to schools

To the editor:

Join us in supporting Laura Beem for Farmington School Board. We have been friends with Beem for several years and during that time she has put a great deal of time and energy into improving schools in Farmington.

Beem is a proven advocate for education and these are some of her accomplishments: president of North Trail PTP for two years, active volunteer with North Trail PTP for over five years, School Boundaries Committee, District Strategic Planning Committee and a grassroots leader in the campaign to influence the previous school board to listen to parents’ concern over increasing class sizes.

Beem has over 20 years of accounting, budgeting and finance experience as well as leadership skills that could be a valuable asset to the School Board.

Beem believes that: By using individualized learning methods, we can raise student achievement; spending needs to be focused on classrooms; technology spending should be balanced between enhancing student learning and using fiscal resources responsibly; we need to budget within available resources.

We also feel Beem will continue to improve the communication between the School Board and the citizens of the community. She is committed to making our schools better for everyone.