Lind brings variety of perspectives

To the editor:

I am writing to support Terry Lind for the Lakeville School Board. Lind is an outstanding candidate and should be elected. I feel that the voting public should know of Lind’s qualifications. Lind has dedicated his life to the Lakeville School District; he has worked as a classroom teacher, an elementary principal and just about every other job in between.

Lind started his career as a classroom teacher in Lakeville and finished his career as the principal of Lakeview Elementary. The only break in his service was the time he served in the armed forces during the Vietnam War. Lind’s experience and expertise in education will be a tremendous asset.

As an administrator, Lind fully understands school finance, and as a homeowner he understands the local tax burden. Lind will see that we get the most educational value for our tax dollars. I like the fact that there will be no learning curve for Lind when he is elected. His experience proves that he intimately knows the Lakeville School District and the job expectations of school board members.

Now that Lind has retired, he continues to be a stakeholder in the Lakeville schools. Today his grandchildren attend Lakeville schools just as his children did. This means that Lind is uniquely qualified to become a member of the Lakeville School Board. He brings a career of teaching, administrative, and parenting experience to the table.

I highly respect Lind as a professional, as a colleague, and as a friend. I have known Lind for over 40 years and I was one of his first students here in Lakeville. It was because of Lind and his teaching that I too became a Lakeville teacher. Now after teaching for 34 years myself I know that Lind will make an excellent school board member.

When you vote in November, vote with confidence, vote for Lind for School Board.