Land of 10,000 ghosts

Chad Lewis is a paranormal researcher whose investigations have taken him across the globe – pursuing ghosts in the castles of Ireland, chasing Chupacabras in Puerto Rico, and searching for the elusive monster of Loch Ness. He’ll be presenting his Minnesota-centered findings at the Galaxie Library on Saturday. (Photo submitted)

Galaxie Library hosts ‘Minnesota Road Guide to Haunted Locations’ author Chad Lewis

Chad Lewis has the inside scoop on things that go bump in the night.

The Minneapolis-based paranormal researcher has probed reports of otherworldly goings-on at sites throughout the state, and he’s compiled his findings into the book “The Minnesota Guide to Haunted Locations,” which he co-authored with Terry Fisk.

There are the elevator doors that open and close on their own at St. Paul’s Landmark Center.

There’s the ghost of a suicide victim that haunts the Washington Street Bridge in Minneapolis.

And in Duluth there’s the spirit of a recently deceased bar patron who still inhabits the saloon, looking for one last drink.

Lewis will be sharing his scariest findings on Saturday, Sept. 29, at the Galaxie Library in Apple Valley. The 11 a.m. presentation, titled “Minnesota’s Most Haunted Locations,” will include ghost lore from Apple Valley and throughout the region.

And, yes, Apple Valley has had its share of paranormal reports and rumors, according to Lewis.

One of the more prominent local ghost stories, he said, involves the spirit of a small boy who haunts Scott Park at Galaxie Avenue and 140th Street, a park whose amenities include a sledding hill and an archery range.

“The details are sketchy,” Lewis said. “The legend is a kid died there – he was sledding and he was shot by an arrow – and he now haunts the park. But there’s no specific date and no specific time given with the story.”

“I hope someone from Apple Valley will have some more details on that,” he added.

As to the truth of the ghost tales he presents, Lewis leaves it to his readers, and his audiences, to decide.

“I try to sort fact from fiction, and I show people the evidence I’ve collected,” said Lewis, whose investigations also include UFOs, crop circles, Chupacabras and a host of other strange phenomena. “I want people to decide for themselves.”

Admission is free to Lewis’ Galaxie Library presentation on Saturday but registration is required. Guests can register under “Programs.”

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