Update: Lakeville to sell old senior center building

The Lakeville City Council voted to sell the old downtown Senior Center building for $345,000 at its Oct. 1 meeting.

The city had received an offer about a week before from Rose Mountain Spiritual Community Center of Rosemount.

About $230,000 will go toward paying down the cost of the Heritage Center project and the rest will go toward paying off a block grant from Dakota County that helped fund the initial Senior Center project in the early 1980s.

That money, said City Administrator Steve Mielke, will go back into Lakeville’s account with the Dakota County CDA for future CDA-eligible projects.

The building’s final “as-is” sale value matches an appraisal from about eight months ago. There was negotiation surrounding the sale price, but the parties settled at the appraised value, Mielke said.

The buyer is expected to close on the place within the next 90 days, Mielke said, adding that there are two contingencies:

The buyer will have the property inspected, and if something troublesome is found can walk away (likewise, he said, the city could walk away as well); and, as a church or religious organization, Rose Mountain must acquire a conditional-use permit. This would take a couple of months.

Mielke said he does not expect anything to go awry with the deal.

The Heritage Center, which houses the Lakeville Senior Center, the Lakeville Area Historical Society and the Lakeville Beyond the Yellow Ribbon organization, opened last week.

(This story was updated from its original Oct. 2 version.)