District 191 needs Pothini

To the editor:

Seema Pothini is exactly what the ISD 191 School Board needs, and I urge community members to vote for her on Nov. 6.

I taught in the district and was a student myself in the district many years ago. The district is becoming even more diverse, and I believe we are not currently serving our diverse students to the fullest of our potential. We need to serve all students in our community (including those who need a more rigorous education), and Pothini’s guidance will get us there.

This district has big decisions to make in the next couple of years – especially selecting the right superintendent for our community and students.

Pothini’s experience as the president of local nonprofits, a mother and active community member, and a former classroom teacher is exactly what our community needs and deserves. She definitely has my vote, and I urge you to vote for Seema Pothini on behalf of our community and students.