Kautz gets people working together

To the editor:

My father, Gene Grazzini Jr., a Republican and chairman of Grazzini Brothers and Co., and I, a progressive, agree we want Elizabeth Kautz to continue leading our Burnsville.

Here are some reasons why:

First, Kautz is a longtime citizen who has maintained her focus on Burnsville’s evolving needs.

Second, she has demonstrated commitment to maximizing all sectors of our community – from youth to seniors, businesspeople to immigrants.

Third, her leadership style has proven effective. She balances sustaining collaborative leadership by convening diverse voices and energies, with pragmatic decisiveness orienting her actions to the larger vision of our community, without ceding to extraneous distractions.

In recent years we’ve seen Kautz as at ease dancing with elementary school children in the healthy community initiative Paha Sapa: Play it Forward, as she’s been catalyzing fiscal policy attention to Burnsville with presidents and prime ministers at national and international levels.

And through the toughest recession of our times, Burnsville has retained an AAA credit rating and continues drawing commerce, including 150 new businesses since 2009.

Meanwhile, Kautz navigated partisan tensions around the Burnsville Performing Arts Center defending its long-term cultural value, while successfully stimulating its short-term financial performance.

While many polarizing political positions undermine our collective success, responsive stewardship is critical. Other citizens and I with the cross-partisan initiative DynamicShift witnessed it when we told Burnsville leaders to stop fighting and start working together. Kautz moved quickly to bridge the divisions, pairing differing leaders to cooperate on projects to solve the problems.

These are among many reasons my father and I, coming from opposite political viewpoints, believe Kautz is the best equipped candidate to keep Burnsville on track into the future.

Has Kautz always done everything we think she should? No. We know no leader can perfectly address every citizen’s every desire. But those who mix passion, pragmatism, commitment and cooperation – combined with proven leadership, get close.

We’re convinced Kautz has that rare, right blend.

Follow our bipartisan lead and re-elect Mayor Kautz.