Little offers passion, connections, understanding

To the editor:

As I look out my window on a crisp autumn evening, I am wondering what Lakeville, the state of Minnesota and the United States will look like next year. This year the decisions that we make are the most important yet.

One of the decisions that I have made is to vote for Matt Little for Lakeville mayor. Little offers a unique way of connecting that is perfect for the century we are in. As a homeowner, I appreciate that I am able to reach out to him via social networks or when he stops by to check on the neighborhood.

I also believe that one of the most important qualities for running for mayor is passion for the city, neighborhoods, and citizens. I see all of this in Litle. He has been a servant on the City Council and in other organizations; he is often seen around my neighborhood engaged in an active discussion, and he has volunteered with our future generations. Little has been chosen Lion of the Year by the Lakeville Lions Club for his volunteer activities.

As a younger citizen of Lakeville, I am proud to call Lakeville home. Matt Little is the right person for the job because he has the ability to connect, the passion, and the understanding necessary to make Lakeville a better place.

Pat Petersen

  • Love the water

    Lets vote for a guy because he has a twitter account and a Facebook page? You can’t be serious. Let me guess, his first item as mayor is to create a city of lakeville app

    • Jan Dobson

      Hey, loves the water,

      According to Pat Peterson, Matt Little “has volunteered with our future generations.” Sounds like Little might have already created a time machine app that allows him to leap forward to interact with generations yet unborn. A city of lakeville app should be a piece of cake for the guy.

      • Love the Water

        Little wanted to swap out all of the current software the city uses and switch to “free software” in an effort to save money. Hmmm…let’s get rid of something we already paid for and get free software that nobody knows how to use which creates inefficiencies, error potentials, frustration and difficulty working with other organizations that do not operate on the same software. Ignorance is bliss