Pat Hall’s bad decisions

To the editor:

Is this Pat Hall that is running for state senator in District 57 the same person who was our minister at St. John’s Lutheran in Rosemount in the 1990s? If so, he made some bad decisions, mortgaged the church for $1 million and then disappeared and left the congregation with the responsibility.

Republicans, you can make better choices.


  • Pamela Carlson

    In response to Myron Napper’s rhetorical question in the October 4th issue of the Sun ThisWeek, yes, this is the same Pat Hall.

    When I first read that Greg Clausen was running for State Senate, I thought, what a great choice. Greg Clausen was prinicpal at Rosemount High School when my three children attended there. I always admired Mr. Clausen for his support of the students and the staff. He was always someone you felt was approachable and really cared about the community. Integrity is a word that fits Greg Clausen.

    In the next paragraph I read Pat Hall was running against him. At that point my stomach clenched.
    Pat Hall became a pastor at St. John’s Lutheran in Rosemount 20 years ago. When he arrived the congregation was over 100 years old, had no mortgage and had around 2000 members. When he finally was ordered to leave, he was barred from entering the doors of the church by the police, the membership had dwindled to a few hundred people, a second mortgage was taken out and lost in an investment scheme, and the church was no longer Lutheran. The flyers that arrive in my mail with “Integrity” on them describing Hall make me cringe.

    For me, this is not a political issue. This is an issue of not wanting someone representing this district that cannot work with people, is dishonest and mishandles money. I do not wish Pat Hall ill and actually hope he finds joy in his family and whatever occupation he is fitted for but I do not want him representing District 57. So, yes Myron, the Republican Party can do better.

  • Rosie from Rosemount

    Ouch! I don’t always agree with you Myron, but I do this time. Thanks for the detailed explanation Ms. Carlson. I also have a ton of respect for Mr. Clausen. He has my vote for sure!