Romney is the right man

To the editor:

It is extremely important we elect the right man for president this November.

I would like to see a president who wants to make us energy independent by increasing our energy resources (and approving Keystone), not Barack Obama, who has made gas prices higher and uses our tax money to subsidize Brazil’s oil drilling.

I would like a president who has the skills to succeed and will focus on such things as job training programs, not the president we have, who has plenty of charm with golf and basketball skills.

I would like a president who will cut the deficit, reduce discretionary spending and consolidate agencies, not Obama, who doubled our debt and added more government employees. (That’s taxpayer-paid employees.)

I would like a president who is a champion for small business and will reform health care and taxes, not a president who says “you didn’t build that.”

I would like a president who will curtail the unfair trade practices of countries like China and open new markets.

Mitt Romney as president will give us the hope and change we all expected from the now-failed Obama policies.

Remember, Obama said if he couldn’t turn the economy around by his first term, he should be a one-term president. Let’s hold him to that.