Roz Peterson’s fiscal failures

To the editor:

Let’s face it: It’s an election year so talk is cheap and truth is hard to find.

All I’ve heard about Roz Peterson, the Republican candidate for the District 56B House seat, is that she’s a champion of education reform and fiscal responsibility. Let’s look at her record.

It’s true that Peterson served on the Lakeville School Board for six years, but the results of service show more of the status quo and a lack of positive results.

During her service she voted to close an elementary school when it wasn’t completely necessary, to raise student fees for co-curricular activities, to cut almost 100 teachers and to cut arts programs. Many class sizes are now over 40 kids per teacher.

And don’t forget that huge buyout she voted to authorize for the retiring superintendent. How many kids did that educate?

Now the district is looking at yet another multimillion-dollar budget cut this year and next. This is not fiscal responsibility in action.

I’m not sure if sending Peterson to St. Paul would make that mess any worse. But, I’d hate to find out. Vote “no” on Roz Peterson’s fiscal failures.