Two Eagan Soccer Teams Win OATHs Awards

Two Eagan Wave Soccer Club teams have won the Outstanding Ambassadors of Teams Honoring Sportsmanship awards for the 2012 summer season.

The award is given out by the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association to teams who have shown a high level of sportsmanship through out the season.

The first OATHS award winning team was the U14C2 boys team, coached by Tony Bokhorst. The second OATH award winning team was the U11 C1 girls coached, by Pat Sjoberg.

OATHS is an encouragement education program for traveling Under 9 through Under 19 boys and girls teams that distinguish athletes, coaches and fans for their dedication to good sportsmanship. The goal is to allow the players to enjoy the sporting event as well as the total complement of fans, referees and coaches.

The OATHS Evaluation is included on every competitive match report. All referees are asked to complete the evaluation of each team’s players, coaches and fans. Referees are asked if the players are playing within the rules and spirit of the game. Coaches will be evaluated to make sure all players and officials are treated with respect. And fans are expected to support all players, coaches, and referees in a positive manner.

Responses are tabulated and the data analyzed to determine our OATHS winners. The results of the tabulations are used to evaluate overall sportsmanship throughout the state of Minnesota.

The teams
U14C2 Boys – Coached by Tony Bokhorst. Connor Allen, Will Bazal, Calvin Bokhorst, Gabriel Eisenhuth, Caeleb Heinen, Brett Levac, Lance Miller, Dennis Morlaes, Noah Niemczyk, Noah Rivera, Gage Rosenthal, Benjamin Smeed, Adam Trebesch, Sean Tuff, and Connor Zielinski.

U11C1 Girls – Coached by Pat Sjoberg. Josephine George, Kelley Johnson, Abigail Mckenzie, Nora McLoone, Ellen Pagois, Uma Parhar, Megan Plaschko, Eryka Quick, Grace Remmel, Grace Sjoberg, and Jess Van Wyk.