Wardlow’s LEA honor questioned

To the editor:

An Oct. 12 letter to the editor from Richard Iffert refers to a recent report from the Legislative Evaluation Assembly and mentions that State Rep. Doug Wardlow was chosen by that organization as an “honoree.” It also describes this organization as “nonpartisan.”

A quick check of the organization website, however, leads one to wonder about the value of such an honor and the claims of nonpartisanship. Every single one of the 26 House and Senate honorees or honorable mention recipients – every single one – is a Republican. They are generally among the very most conservative members of the Legislature. This makes sense as you peruse the website contents and the description of the board members of this organization. It clearly supports an ultra-conservative ideology.

Both Wardlow and Sen. Ted Daley (one of the 2011 “honorees” of this extreme right wing group) were elected by slim margins in districts that have swung back and forth politically and clearly reflect a more middle of the road electorate. Being honored by this organization indicates they are not providing representation that properly reflects their constituencies.