Rosemount band to march in Tournament of Roses Parade in 2014

The Rosemount High School Marching Band has been invited to perform in the biggest parade in the world.

The Rosemount High School marching band will perform in the Tournament of Roses Parade in 2014. Photo by Dave Andrews

The band was chosen from among more than 50 groups that applied for 16 openings in the 125th annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Calif., Jan. 1, 2014.

“It has taken a great deal of dedication and hard work to achieve the excellence necessary to even be considered for participation in this prestigious event,” said band director Steve Olsen in an email. “We ‘stand on the shoulders’ of many past alumni and current senior RHS marching band members who have worked extremely hard, and dedicated much time and effort to reach this level of success. We owe all of them a great deal of respect and thanks for making the Rosemount band program what it is today.”

Bands are selected approximately 14 months in advance to give the chosen groups time to raise the money needed for the trip to Pasadena.

More detailed information regarding this trip will be available soon, according to Olsen, including cost, fundraisers, itinerary, Family/Fan “Shadow Trip” to accompany the band and more.

The anticipated trip dates are:  Dec. 27, 2013, to January 2, 2014.

An estimated U.S. audience of 47 million people and an estimated international audience of more than 300 million in over 220 countries see the parade on television. The Pasadena Police Department estimates that approximately 700,000-plus spectators attend the parade.

In addition to the parade is the annual Tournament of Roses Bandfest; a marching band field show competition held at Pasadena City College involving only the marching bands selected for the Rose Parade.

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