Voters Guide: Legislative candidate questionnaire responses

Sun Thisweek published its Voters Guide in the Oct. 26 edition. Inside the edition were candidate questionnaire responses to seven questions posed by the Sun Thisweek news staff. Links to the responses are below:

Burnsville and Eagan

Senate District 51: Ted Daley, incumbent, Republican; and Jim Carlson, DFL

House District 51A: Diane Anderson, incumbent, Republican; and Sandra Masin, DFL

House District 51B: Doug Wardlow, incumbent, Republican; and Laurie Halverson, DFL

Burnsville and a portion of Lakeville

Senate District 56: Dan Hall, incumbent, Republican; and Leon Thurman, DFL

House District 56A: Pam Myhra, incumbent, Republican; and Dave Jensen, DFL

House District 56B: Will Morgan, DFL; and Roz Peterson, Republican

Apple Valley, Rosemount and a portion of Lakeville

Senate District 57: Greg Clausen, DFL; and Pat Hall, Republican

House District 57A: Tara Mack, incumbent, Republican; and Roberta Gibbons, DFL

House District 57B: Jeff Wilfahrt, DFL; and Anna Wills, Republican

Lakeville and Farmington

Senate District 58: Dave Thompson, incumbent, Republican; and Andrew Brobston, DFL

House District 58A: Mary Liz Holberg, incumbent, Republican; and Colin Lee, DFL

House District 58B: Pat Garofalo, incumbent, Republican; and Jim Arlt, DFL



  • jone

    Thanks so much for the wealth of the resource ! very helpful and timely

    • Tad Johnson

      Thank you for the note. We expended great effort in attempting to provide as much information to voters. If there are things about the coverage that you liked or disliked, you can email me at

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