Ballot machine replaced at Farmington City Hall

A ballot counting machine in Farmington City Hall malfunctioned and needed to be replaced Tuesday morning, said Farmington Mayor Todd Larson.

Larson said another ballot counting machine that was designated for absentee balloting was used for regular ballots until a new machine arrived from Dakota County.

“We’re not aware of any significant disruption that happened there,” said Andy Lokken, Dakota County manager of elections and vital statistics.

He said every machine has an emergency slot that would have been used to feed ballots, and the memory card that totals ballots would have been resealed and placed into the new machine.

The changes would have been made with the supervision of two election judges who both sign off on the seals, according to Lokken.

He said the county has spare machines at service centers and runners who will deliver them to polling locations if needed.

“We’ve not had many complaints,” Lokken said. “Things are going well.”