District 194 School Board agendas for Nov. 13 and Nov. 16

Following is the agenda for the 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13, regular meeting of the District 194 School Board in the District Office Board Room, 8670 210th St. W., Lakeville.

1. Preliminary Actions
a. Call to Order
b. Pledge of Allegiance
c. Roll Call and Board Introductions
d. Spotlight on Education/Good News
e. Public Comment
f. Board Communications
g. Agenda Additions
2. Consider Approval of Consent Agenda
a. Board Minutes
b. Employment Recommendations, Leave Requests and Resignations
c. Other Personnel Matters
d. Payment of Bills & Claims
e. Alt Facilities Change Orders
f. Resource Management (Waste Disposal) Contract Bid Award
g. Other Business Matters
h. Acceptance of Gift Donations
i. Field Trips
3. Consent Agenda Discussion Items
4. Reports
a. Impact Academy Update – Ms. Oxton
b. RtI Update – Ms. Giorgi
5. Recommended Actions
a. 2011-13 Small Wonders Instructors Employment Agreement – Mr. Massaros
b. Resolution Authorizing Canvassing Returns of Votes of School Board Election – Dr. Snyder
c. Resolution Authorizing Issuance of Certificates of Election – Dr. Snyder
6. Additions to Agenda
7. Information
a. Superintendent’s Report
b. Board Member Reports
8. Adjournment

Following is the agenda for the noon Friday, Nov. 16, Board of Education retreat at Crystal Lake Education Center.

1. Preliminary Actions
a. Call to Order
b. Roll Call
c. Agenda Additions
2. Discussion
a. Google Training
b. Board Goals
c. Budget Activities & Summary of Data
d. Budget and Enrollment Projections
e. Cabinet Contracts
3. Additions to Agenda
4. Adjournment