A dome we can call home

To the editor:

Wonder what that big bubble is in Savage? Some people say it can be seen from as far away as Burnsville High School. It is the newest athletic facility to cater to youths and adults during the cold season.

The dome was built through a partnership with the Burnsville Athletic Club, Prior Lake Athletics for Youth, Prior Lake Soccer and the city of Savage. It has 108,000 square feet (the Metrodome has 142,515 square feet). Inside, there are three fields, batting cages and a golf cage. Soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball and football athletes are expected to be the biggest users. The visionaries of this dome didn’t forget about walkers, runners and families that are not part of the sponsoring organizations. Community members can jog or walk around the inside of the dome for free from 7 to 9 a.m. seven days a week.

This is a win for a lot of families because they don’t have to travel to places like Vadnais Heights or Faribault to practice indoors.

The dome officially opened Nov. 6. Many BAC leaders, athletes and Savage city leaders came back on Nov. 14 to capture the moment on film, including Savage Mayor Janet Williams, Council Members Christine Kelly, Gene Abbott and Al McColl, BAC President Sam Griffiths, BAC Commissioners Alise James, Bill John, Brad Schiller, Lisa Day, Stephanie Allen-Haukoos, Terry Border and Todd Scharber, BAC Secretary Marcia Svenby, BAC committee member Monica Carlson and a lot of young BAC athletes from many of the sports that will be using the dome.

It wasn’t easy to get it built. Members of the Savage City Council and several city commissions considered the impact to the community and businesses. There were a lot of public meetings and evaluations. Based on the review, the dome was a benefit to everyone. Yes, there was some opposition; but the supporters focused on the value to the community, which includes the cities of Burnsville and Prior Lake. Youth programs in both these cities cater to Savage residents. This dome will benefit many.

Finally, a dome we can call home.

Sam Griffiths
President of the BAC