Conversion fee for rental property required Jan. 1

Under a new city ordinance effective Jan. 1, any single-family, townhome, condominium or manufactured home in Burnsville that is converted from “owner-occupied” to rental will be subject to a $500 conversion fee beginning in January.

Residents that are currently renting their homes without a license can avoid paying the conversion fee by applying for their license in 2012 before the new ordinance takes effect. The rental conversion fee will cover the cost of the home’s first year rental license and an initial inspection.

Residents that have a current rental license with the city will not be subject to the conversion fee. However, the new ordinance will require that all rental-property owners (of both single- and multi-family dwellings) begin paying an annual rental license fee. This fee will cover the costs of proactive inspections of all of the city’s rental properties.

To apply for a rental license, contact Burnsville’s Rental Licensing & Property Maintenance Division at (952) 895-4440. For detailed information on the city’s new rental license ordinance, visit