No shame?

To the editor:

I was pleased to see John Gessner’s story identifying the sender of the malicious attack mailing defaming Mayor Elizabeth Kautz prior to the November election.

It was sent to 28,000 homes by Paul Gonyea and his cadre of dissident business owners and was a most scurrilous piece that had no place in Burnsville politics.

I’ve been a resident of Burnsville for 34 years and have seen many close, tense elections, but they were conducted with a sense of decency.

Gonyea and his friends conducted a smear campaign that was beyond the pale. The mailing piece did not identify the 10 other business owners who took part in this act of dirty politics, nor did the news story.

Gonyea states he knows no one who’s a fan of Mayor Kautz. Well, since he doesn’t live in Burnsville he must not know too many people in Burnsville as it turned out that 57 percent of the voters are fans of hers.

Apparently, he also did not read the Decision Resources report which indicated that 92 percent of the businesses and 75 percent of the residents believe the city is going in the right direction.

Using a phrase from a congressional hearing of some 60 years ago which now pertains to Gonyea and his associates, “Have you no shame?”