Kline falls short on holiday charity

To the editor:

A guest column from U.S. Rep. John Kline exhorts us to give donations to a military association that distributes toys. A more meaningful act of holiday charity would be to support programs endangered by the fiscal cliff that help keep low-income people out of poverty. The deficit-reduction initiative he supports comes at exactly the wrong season to keep low-income Minnesotans employed and able to survive.

Deficit hawks like Kline would like us to cut food stamps and unemployment benefits and restrict tax credits that benefit low-income families. He hasn’t said anything about reducing the generous tax deductions that benefit the top 2 percent of upper-income Americans, who pay a lower rate of tax than the rest of us. That might endanger the hefty campaign contributions these wealthy folks give their friends in Congress.

True generosity in a season of giving should include those who most need it first.