Report suspicious activity, police urge after recent burglaries

After three recent burglaries in southern Burnsville, the Police Department is asking all residents to watch for and report any suspicious behavior in their neighborhoods.

The burglaries, beginning Thursday, Dec. 13, were in the areas of West Park Drive, Westcliffe Drive and Earley Lake Place. Officers believe they took place between 6 and 6:30 p.m., and that the burglar or burglars first rang door bells to see if anyone was home. If no one came to the door, they then broke glass to gain access through patio doors or windows, police said.

Police urge residents to report suspicious activity immediately by calling 911.

To improve security, police said residents may also:

• Lock ground floor windows and doors. Leave shades and/or blinds closed.
Leave exterior lights on.

• Keep overhead garage doors down, and both exterior and interior service doors locked.

• Place lights and radios on timers to create the appearance of activity within the home.

• Remove jewelry from master bedroom before leaving town.