A look in the mirror

To the editor:

The world’s reaction to the Newtown, Conn., murders is educational, showing that the world believes that Americans are succeeding in the race to the bottom, with our attitudes and laws.

The German Süddeutsche Zeitung points out that for Americans “the possession of weapons is a cultural singularity.” The Italian La Repubblica writes “The American god of arms is insatiable,” and The Guardian wonders if Americans use guns to satisfy some inferiority complex, and Americans are more prone to mental illness and violence.

The fact that another mass shooting has occurred is not any more shocking than the last massacre was, or the next one.

In Great Britain The Economist cites 39 fatal injuries in 2008-2009, following a ban on guns.

The USA sustained 12,000 gun fatalities in the same period.

Even Australia with its frontier spirit and history, implemented strict and usable gun controls.

Americans must like the mayhem we inflict on ourselves. Petitioning the “government” and sending letters to our “leaders” is absurd. We have found the enemy – and it is us. We buy the butchering tools and we enjoy using them.

Replacing U.S. Rep. John Kline who feeds this monstrosity with someone moderate and compassionate would signal our will to move toward sanity. The alternative is to continue to believe in the present madness, and in those who promote that culture.

We pay the piper with the lives of our children and with everything that we treasure.

Joe Niedermayr