District 194 School Board agenda for Jan. 8

Following is the agenda for the 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, regular meeting of the District 194 School Board in the District Office Board Room, 8670 210th St. W., Lakeville.

Student Recognition at LSHS in the Auditorium at 5:45 p.m.
1. Preliminary Actions
a. Call to Order
b. Pledge of Allegiance
c. Roll Call and Board Introductions
2. Recommended Action
a. Election of Board of Education Officers for 2013 – Judy Keliher, Acting Chair
3. Continued Preliminary Actions
a. Spotlight on Education/Good News
b. Public Comment
c. Board Communications
d. Agenda Additions
4. Consider Approval of Consent Agenda
a. Board Minutes
b. Employment Recommendations, Leave Requests and Resignations
c. Other Personnel Matters
d. Payment of Bills & Claims
e. Alt Facilities Change Orders
f. Other Business Matters
g. Acceptance of Gift Donations
h. Field Trips
5. Consent Agenda Discussion Items
6. Reports
a. Continuous Improvement Plans Summary – Mr. Molesky
b. Open Enrollment Guidelines (Inter & Intra) – Ms. Ouillette
c. Recommissioning Update – Mr. Nelson
7. Continued Recommended Actions
a. Set Salary/Mileage for Board Members for 2013 – Board Chair
b. Establish Time and Date for Regular Board of Education Meetings for 2013 – Dr. Lisa Snyder, Superintendent
c. Consider Board Committee Assignments and Representatives to Agencies/Organizations – Bd Chair
d. Designate the Official School District Publication for 2013 – Mr. Randy Anderson, Exec Dir of Business Serv
e. Consider Designation of District Legal Counsel – Mr. Tony Massaros, Exec Dir of Administrative Serv
f. Consider Organizational Matters Related to Business Office Functions: 1-Approve Designation of Official Depositories for School District Funds and Investments 2-Approval of Collateral Currently Pledged by Present Depositories 3-Authorize Business Manager to Use Facsimile Signatures for Checks and Use of Last Year’s Plate 4-Authorize Superintendent or Business Manager to Make Short-Term Investments and to Perform the Duties of Clerk and Treasurer 5-Authorize Superintendent and Business Manager to Lease, Purchase, and Contract for Goods and Services within General Budget Categories 6-Authorize Superintendent or Business Manager to Utilize Wire Transfers of Investments and Payments – Mr. Randy Anderson, Exec Dir of Business Services
g. Recommissioning Bids – Mr. Nelson
h. LNHS Business Academy Proposal – Ms. Knudsen
i. 2013-14 LN & LS Program of Studies – Ms. Knudsen
j. 2013-14 Calendar Approval – Dr. Snyder
8. Additions to Agenda
9. Information
a. Superintendent’s Report
b. Board Member Reports
10. Adjournment