Kline is owed an apology

To the editor:

Joe Niedermayr’s letter to the editor, “A look in the mirror” on Dec. 28 (Sun Thisweek), is one of the most outrageous letters I have ever read.

He tries to link the Connecticut shooting to U.S. Rep. John Kline at the end of letter as if the congressman was responsible for what happened.

Niedermayr cites the far left-wing newspaper founded in 1945 German Suddeutsche Zeitung to attack the possession of firearms in America. This German newspaper should not be lecturing Americans about firearms after Hitler slaughtered millions of the Jewish men, women and children in Germany. Jews in Germany had no way to protect their families when their firearms were confiscated by Hitler. This made it very easy to round them up and send them to the death camps and gas chambers.

An off-duty deputy in San Antonio, Texas, shot a deranged man who was going to shoot up a theater. Cases like this don’t get reported by the mainstream press as well as armed persons who stop an attack without firing a weapon.

Marlboro, N.J., is putting armed guards in schools and perhaps this is part of the answer.

Kline has a stellar military record and carried the nuclear football for Presidents Carter and Reagan. For Niedermayr to use the murder of innocent children and use it as a political tool to trash Kline is outrageous. He owes Kline an apology.