Support Toys for Tots and other programs

To the editor:

I believe the response concerning a letter I sent several weeks ago distorts what I said enough to require a clarification. I don’t think it was a bad thing for U.S. Rep. John Kline to advocate donations to the Marine Corps’ program for Toys for Tots. I also have Marine connections.

I do suggest his supposed generosity is misplaced when he supports cuts to programs that permit low-income people to survive, when he also supports continued generous cuts in taxes for the wealthiest Americans. Contrary to what the recent letter said, the top 2 percent do not pay 90 percent of taxes; in fact, they pay a lower rate of tax than middle and low-income citizens, thanks to the misplaced generosity of these cuts, supported by Kline.

My point is, Kline might advocate for federally funding the special education which Congress has mandated for our schools. Schools now, and have been hard pressed to pay for this program, and our increased property taxes show it. The representative actually chairs a committee on education. Likewise, he might consider supporting programs like food stamps, child care and other programs that help thousands of lower-income families in his district stay alive.

These programs are slated to be cut in the name of reduced federal spending, while wealthy citizens are given a free pass to avoid paying the kind of rate you and I pay.

Kline should consider closing tax loopholes and ending tax breaks for these wealthiest in our society as a part of any deficit reduction package. He should avoid reducing our deficit on the backs of those constituents who make less money than most of us.