Coyote spotted in Apple Valley

Coyote 1 ccsAn Apple Valley resident took some photographs of a coyote who was trotting along Cedar Avenue near 153rd Street at about 9:30 a.m. Jan. 9. The photographer first noticed the animal walking north against traffic on Cedar Avenue, then it jumped a snow bank to go west on the frozen canal bordering 153rd. The photographs were taken from the Health Partners parking lot when the coyote stopped to eat something and then continued west to Pennock Park. He said the animal did not appear bothered by traffic or him taking pictures of it and the coyote trotted off unconcerned like it belonged there. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports that coyote populations are establishing and increasing in the Twin Cities metro area. The DNR says most coyotes avoid people and domestic animals, but occasionally they will kill sheep, turkeys, and calves. They may also raid garbage cans, and kill domestic cats and small dogs. Healthy wild coyotes avoid people, and no attacks have ever occurred in Minnesota. The DNR says people should supervise pets at all times when outside. If a coyote does not run away when people are present, the DNR suggests shouting and chasing the animal away. The DNR urges people to not feed coyotes or leave pet food outside. Coyote 2 ccs

  • Terrie Berrie

    I saw a coyote in my yard this morning on 147the Way West.