The real way to fix this mess

To the editor:


I always enjoy reading Betty Fedde’s inane rants that are in the Sun Thisweek. Fedde’s ceaseless wars against the most productive members of this society are reminiscent of those who led the USSR on a path that destroyed the lives of millions of innocents.

Does she really believe that creating more disincentives to being productive will lead a country to prosperity? Should the most productive members of our society who produce goods and services in great demand by consumers be punished for their hard work?

She demands that the federal government and U.S. Rep. John Kline subsidize the least productive members of society. I would invite Fedde and her like-minded friends to scrutinize the myriad benefits available to Dakota County residents who do not pay income taxes. In addition to welfare, there are programs for child care, subsidized housing, a burgeoning food stamp program, subsidized transportation, ongoing unemployment benefits and a variety of Pell grants unavailable to the most industrious taxpayers.

It is most bemusing that she would promote a notion that the poor pay a higher rate of income tax than the wealthy pay. According to the Federal Reserve in St. Louis, those income earners in the bottom 50 percent pay no income taxes. There is no reason for anyone to put forth such absurdities or to suggest that government can fix our current economic mess other than getting out of the way. Governments do not create wealth. Capitol left in the hands of investors, who are willing to take risks, is the only way our nation can restore prosperity to recession weary citizens.

Donald L. DeGenaro