District 191 board deadlocks on officer votes

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School Board members deadlocked Thursday on votes for two board leadership positions, including the top post of chair.

Paula Teiken was absent from the seven-member board’s annual organizational meeting, leaving her as a likely tie-breaker.

Jim Schmid and Sandra Sweep each received three votes to serve as board chair in 2013. Sweep, the current vice chair, was nominated by Schmid and voted for herself. Schmid and Robert VandenBoom also voted for her.

DeeDee Currier nominated Schmid, the current clerk, after he nominated Sweep.

“Of all of us, he has the most consumers in his family of services of our district,” Currier said of Schmid, who has four children in district schools and one graduate.

Currier, Dan Luth and current Chair Ron Hill voted for Schmid.

The other tied vote was for clerk. Hill nominated Currier, who voted for herself and won the votes of Hill and Luth.

Sweep nominated VandenBoom, who voted for himself and won the votes of Sweep and Schmid.

That leaves the current chair and clerk in place until the full board meets. The next scheduled meeting is Jan. 17.

The chair’s leadership roles include presiding over board meetings, acting as a board spokesperson and overseeing member appointments to committees and outside organizations.

In other organizational business, the board unanimously elected Schmid vice chair, an appointment that could be upended by the full board vote for chair.

Board members voted unanimously to keep their salaries at levels set in 2008. Board members are paid $500 a month, with an additional $50 for the chair.