Employ proven methods

To the editor:

High drama of the sort we hear on “fair-and-balanced” Fox “News” isn’t necessarily factual.

A recent letter writer advocates continued support for the wealthiest among us. Second District U.S. Rep. John Kline, R-Burnsville, voted for the deal that avoided the fiscal cliff. Still, cushy features that take care of the top 2 percent of income earners were “balanced” by only temporarily extended unemployment benefits and continued food assistance for the very poor. No increases in minimum wage were proposed, even as many of the poorest work several jobs for minimal wages.

Fans of Grover Norquist, like the letter-writer, want to continue the recession by advocating cuts in benefits to the victims of our economy, along with unneeded “help” for upper income recipients. Who spends money faster in our hurting economy, people who must use their scarce resources to feed and clothe families, or capital gains recipients who can stash their treasure offshore? Money spent locally supports the local economy, which might result in more local employment. Citing spurious data like the myth that the bottom 50 percent, or 47 percent, of earners pay no taxes, insults our intelligence.

Meanwhile, those who want to continue the recession will shortly have another chance to attack benefits to low-income wage earners. Proposals to raise the debt ceiling will be an opportunity to yet again damage the poorest among us, and the economy as well. We’ve trashed the poor and coddled the rich for too long now. It’s time we employ more proven methods.

Betty Fedde