District 191 Foundation offers motivational training

Posted @ Reader News

by Shelli McCue, Nicollet Junior High School teacher

Ever wonder why the same people keep having all the luck or success time and time again?

Now you can find out for free. Foundation 191 is sponsoring three “Top 20 Training” seminars for members of the School District 191 Community on Jan. 28, Feb. 4, and Feb. 11 (details available at www.foundation191.org).

There is no cost to attend and the information the speakers provide help people obtain/maintain positive attitudes, improve their communications skills, and gain self-confidence. These are all good things for individuals that in turn are good for relationships at home, schools, and workplaces.

As a teacher at Nicollet Junior High, I have attended presentations that look at the Top 20 Teens, examining why it is the same 20 percent of kids that are successful over and over … they are good students, athletes, win awards, and are just plain great kids.

As a junior high teacher, I use some of their strategies nearly every day; it’s a great “bag of tricks” that can help all of us to be the best (student/parent/employee/athlete/friend/etc.) we can, everyday. I encourage students, parents, and teachers to attend one or all of these free and worthwhile Top 20 Training sessions. Thank you to Foundation 191 for providing this wonderful opportunity for School District 191 community members.