Encourage homeschooling

To the editor:

It was really heartwarming to read Paula Gajewski Mickelson’s guest column (Jan. 18) on bullying in schools and how widespread the problem is. I completely agree that this is a huge problem and I have a great solution for her.

Encourage homeschooling.

Just think about it. The public schools are run by the biggest bullies of them all — American government at all levels. Want to see some real bullying? Try not paying your taxes.

By encouraging homeschooling, we can move kids away from real bullies — people who run public schools. At home, the kids will be in a caring environment where the people who truly love them, their parents, will give them the best education possible. Plus, the student-teacher ratio would be fantastic.

Mickelson also says that two-thirds of school shooting perpetrators had experienced bullying. By moving a large proportion of our student population to homeschooling, we may prevent kids from turning into murderers. In addition, we spread the kids out into homes, where it would be very difficult for any potential shooters to shoot more than a brother or sister at most. Another benefit is that many of these homes have weapons to defend themselves (unlike public schools), and citizens would be able to stop the shooter before they did too much damage.

We also learn that bullying causes depression and suicide in many high school teens. In a recent press conference President Barack Obama said, “If there is even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try.” Although I probably should not be quoting the guy who is the biggest bully of all (just ask the Americans and Pakistanis he has killed with drones), he is right.

That is why I would like to join with Mickelson in calling for the end of bullying on all levels. Take your kids out of the schools that are run by bullies and are populated with bullies. Give them the love and education they deserve.