Listen to the voters

To the editor:

I attended the budget information session at Burnsville City Hall on Jan. 26.

It must have been a DFL deal since there were no Republican legislative folks there. So much for working across the aisle.

Supposedly the purpose of the meeting was to listen to the voters. The first hour-plus was spent showing folks how to make a simple budget presentation into an extremely complex useless presentation. I doubt if the majority of the folks attending were impressed by the endless charts and detailed budget junk.

I was interested in what the legislators think needs to be done to balance the budget. I only heard “raise the revenue” – no cuts – just become much more efficient. Are you kidding me? The government become more efficient?

One fellow had some really good questions but was cut off because he used up his three minutes. I thought the purpose of the meeting was to listen to the voters. The only things I found useful were the free doughnuts, oranges, strawberries and coffee.

Hang on to your wallets, fellow Minnesotans. The DFL is about to request a few more of your dollars to fund Minnesota’s bulging government.