Provide a better alternative

To the editor:

Recent articles have discussed the governor’s proposals to close tax loopholes for higher income earners and broaden the state’s sales tax to include previously untaxed services like haircuts and gym memberships.

Critics have protested that his proposals shouldn’t include items that make us healthier.

And while there’s no overt criticism of his proposals to close loopholes, no great support has come from critics who want to endear themselves to wealthier taxpayers anyway. Meantime the governor counsels critics to provide better options to reduce the deficit.

This, unfortunately, has been lacking from those who disparage the governor’s ideas. I, for one, admire the governor’s mettle, in being willing to close the revenue gap. It’s easy to sit by and take potshots without providing alternatives.

For too long, wealthy taxpayers say they should be able to continue to pay a lower overall rate of tax, as documented in the Revenue Department’s Tax Incidence Study.

They proudly claim the title bestowed on them by George W. Bush of “job-creators.” But many of them have been more than willing to use tax incentives to move jobs overseas.

I think it’s time to promote fairness and close some of those loopholes. To those who howl that hurts local industry, I express my doubt. It didn’t hurt us in the bullish ’90s, when we had relatively full employment. Let those who criticize the governor’s ideas provide better alternatives.

Nancy Hall