Voices of Minnesota

Eagan author tells tale of state’s history through multiple perspectives

Hale Meserow
Hale Meserow

History is made by a collection of different voices, experiences and points of view. Eagan author Hale Meserow illustrates this notion in his latest book, “Minnesota: The Great State.”

The historical fiction novel explores Minnesota’s history from multiple perspectives that include the German settler, the Lakota warrior and the U.S. soldier stationed at Fort Snelling.

“I hope my readers will be entertained while learning something from my book,” the Eagan resident said.

Meserow weaves the stories of both fictional and actual historical characters to illustrate Minnesota’s history beginning at early European settlement to present day.

He decided to write the book after searching for historical fiction novels on Minnesota and coming up dry. Since its release in July, Meserow has sold about 1,000 copies.

Meserow is the author of 11 published works. He said he draws inspiration from his travels, life and Christian faith.

“Everything I write has the Christian gospel in it in some way,” he said.

Meserow also takes an interest in politics, stories of overcoming obstacles, including those who face racism — all issues that he’s explored in a number of books.

Meserow’s passion for writing stems from his childhood. As a middle schooler, he once turned an essay assignment into a short story about a lively blood vessel who travels through the circulatory system.

“I realized then that I was a writer,” he said.

Meserow’s passion didn’t flourish until much later in life.

He followed his father’s footsteps at age 18 by joining the U.S. Air Force. During his service, Meserow graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1967 with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

In 1969, Meserow served in the Vietnam War as an air crewman and received the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.

Meserow left the military after five years with the title of captain. He continued his pursuit of higher education and graduated from the University of Oregon in 1974 with a master’s in business communication.

Shortly after finishing graduate school, Meserow met his wife, Sue, and moved to Australia where he worked as the director of parks and recreation for a suburb of Melbourne. While there, the couple adopted their two sons, who are now grown.

Eight years later, the couple decided to return to the United States and settle in Eagan due to its reputable education system and economic opportunities.

Meserow had dreamed of writing a book for years, but it was always put on the back burner. By 1998, he decided he would finally do it. His first completed book was never published.

“It wasn’t very good,” he said. “But I knew I could do it.”

By 2006, Meserow published is first novel, “The Sword of Mohammed,” which is a fictional post apocalyptic book. Two years later, he released his second novel, “Trouble in the House of Jacob,” a apocalyptic novel that depicts the end of times in accord with the Biblical version. The 664-page novel took Meserow 10 years to complete.

Thereafter, he released six more novels, two novelettes, one biography and numerous short stories.

When he’s not working on novels, Meserow works as an independent Internet consultant.

Shortly after releasing “Minnesota: The Great State,” Meserow published a book called “The Son of Gods,” a fiction novel about human-demon hybrids who wreak havoc on Duluth. Meserow said he drew inspiration from a Biblical verse that describes such beings during ancient times.

Meserow is already working on another novel called “Castles of the Heart,” which is about a wealthy woman who must face her difficult past.

Meserow’s advice to aspiring authors is to be serious about the craft but also have fun with it.

“It’s not an easy thing to do,” he said. “It’s a labor of love.”

All of Meserow’s books are available in print and as ebooks at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. For more information on Meserow and his books, visit marathonbooksonline.com.