Eagan nurse accused of threatening to drug, kill husband

Amy Losie
Amy Losie

An Eagan nurse faces felony charges after threatening to kill her husband with powerful drugs available at her work.

Amy Michelle Losie, 37, was charged by the Dakota County Attorney’s Office on March 22 with felony terroristic threats and stalking or harassment, a gross misdemeanor.

According to the complaint, Losie called a friend on March 20 and told her she had been trying to kill her husband using high doses of insulin.

Losie allegedly said, “how do you give somebody 60 units and then 80 units of insulin and they don’t die?”

The Eagan resident has access to small amounts of insulin as a nurse at a Twin Cities hospital.

The friend told Losie someone would be able to tell her husband died from an insulin overdose, but Losie allegedly said they wouldn’t find the insulin and would think he overdosed on his prescription pain medications.

Losie told the friend her husband had passed out in a drug-induced state and she had tried to wake him to give him a drink in which she had blended 15 prescription sleeping pills, according to the complaint.

She allegedly said her husband didn’t finish the drink because he didn’t like the taste. Losie allegedly told her friend she tried, in another instance, to put a pillow over her husband’s face, but “he just keeps coming back.”

Losie told her friend she had been thinking about killing her husband for a long time, especially in the past three weeks.

The friend contacted police immediately after speaking with Losie and told them she believed Losie actually meant to harm her husband.

Officers instructed the woman to call Losie back so they could record the conversation. The woman called Losie at about 11:35 p.m. while Losie was driving home from the hospital.

During the call, Losie allegedly told the woman she “felt trapped and that nothing ever changed.”

She confirmed that she had allegedly injected insulin into her husband’s stomach multiple times.

Losie was arrested upon arriving home.

In an interview with police, Losie allegedly said she was frustrated with her marriage and her husband was always “drugged up.” She allegedly told police her husband is always passed out and she never knew if he would wake up.

Losie admitted to telling her friend she had attempted to kill her husband, but denied actually injecting her husband with insulin.

Officers contacted Losie’s husband the next day and he said he “felt that his wife would not do anything to hurt him.”

The man said he had constantly been on the prescription pain medication, Oxycontin, for a number slipped discs in his back caused by a number of car accidents.

Officers noticed the man had a small bruise, which was healing on the lower right side of his abdomen.

The man said he thought he may have gotten the bruise when he and his wife recently moved into a new apartment.

If convicted, Losie faces up to five years probation for the terroristic threats charge and up to a year in jail for the stalking charge.