District 192 gets $50,000 for Angus property easement

Power line will extend across six acres on southern edge

District 192 pocketed $50,000 with the approval of an easement of six acres on the Angus property for a new utility line built by CapX2020.

The regional high-power utility line will go from the Dakotas through Minnesota to Wisconsin, bringing renewable energy from wind farms and helping avoid major blackouts like those experienced out East.

CapX2020 representatives spoke with board members at a work session March 11. An appraisal of the property recommended the district’s compensation at $37,900. CapX2020 offered the District $50,000, coming in at about $10,000 per acre.

Board Member Brian Treakle asked at the March 11 session if this property would be used for a school. He expressed concern about student safety near a high-power utility line.

Superintendent Jay Haugen said no building is likely in this part of the property because it is a flood zone.

The easement was unanimously approved at the March 25 meeting.