Farmington drug search turns up marijuana

A search warrant of a Farmington house on the 18000 block of Cedar Avenue turned up more than 94 grams of marijuana.

According to the criminal complaint, Dakota County Drug Task Force agents found a bottle of pink liquid labeled methadone in the top of a dresser drawer with three syringes. Miscellaneous drug paraphernalia was discovered around the living room. Officers also found two plastic bags and a glass jar with marijuana totaling more than 94 grams.

Michael Marshall Simmons, 26, was one of several men in the room during the search, and he admitted the dresser belonged to him as well as a large sum of cash found in the dresser. Simmons faces felony charges for selling a controlled substance, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years and $20,000 fine.

Simmons was previously convicted of a controlled substance crime in October 2008.