Kline and health care

To the editor:

The recent guest column by U.S. Rep. John Kline is typical of the Republican response to any effort to actually address the health care problem in America. With almost 50 million people without access to affordable health care coverage, Kline and his party consistently toe the party line: Leave the issue solely to the private sector and let them use the “market” to address the problem.

Health care companies exist to make money through health services. They have no obligation to insure everyone, just those who can afford to pay premiums.

This has never applied to Kline. As a member of the military and now a member of Congress, he has us taxpayers paying the premium.

Kline suggests the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, will penalize everyone by raising premiums, forcing people to drop coverage, and increase taxes on health care companies that produce medical devices. Yes, there will be some need to provide revenue to pay for the expansion of the health care system to all Americans, but it will be done in a reasonable manner.

The Obamacare system is a hybrid of Democratic and Republican ideas. Democrats want some government involvement to help control costs and ensure that coverage is provided to all citizens. Republicans want health care delivered only by the private sector and want markets and local control to dominate the system.

Does Kline oppose it simply because it is being offered by Democrats? Isn’t Obamacare similar to the health care system promoted by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts? Remember, Romney was for it before he was against it.

So, let’s put Kline’s criticisms in perspective. He has no real interest in making health care available to all Americans.

When it comes to Kline and health care, he will say and do everything to ensure his political and personal health even if it makes lots of others sick.