The best investment

To the editor:

Unfortunately, Minnesota faces myriad education challenges, none of which are easy or inexpensive to solve. But the good news is we know what works: quality pre-kindergarten early learning opportunities.

Access to quality programs before the age of 5 is proven to improve school readiness outcomes for all kids. When kids enter school ready to succeed, they reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. And so does our state.

This is why people from all over Minnesota support investment in quality early education. So that all children – regardless of family income or geographic location – have access to quality early learning programs that put them, and our state, on the best path to lifelong success.

As a state, we must provide the necessary resources to help families to choose quality early learning opportunities that prepare their children for lifelong success in school and in life. This will require a significant investment by the state. However, contrasted against the huge cost to all of us when kids aren’t prepared,  it’s clear that ensuring every child has the opportunity to attend a quality early learning program is by far the best investment our state can make this year.

Jody Dye
Director of New Horizon Academy in Burnsville