Bill would raise property taxes

To the editor:

State Sen. Jim Carlson, DFL-Eagan, caused big trouble at the Capitol for middle class Minnesotans last week. He is the main sponsor of yet another bill (S.F. 607) to raise our taxes, and this time it’s property taxes, even higher. During last year’s campaign he bragged to us about he was going to lower property taxes.  This outrageous hypocrisy must be called out for what it is. He said he would take a balanced approach and look out for us in the middle class – that he would reduce property taxes, not raise taxes like this will do.

Under this proposed bill, there is no need for the cities of Eagan or Burnsville to prove benefit to an affected property to justify imposing this new tax to pay for streets that we already pay for in our current property taxes. Any city would be free to draw the taxing district in any shape, allowing them to impose this new tax only on certain individual properties. It allows cities to organize tax rates in almost any way.

This legislation creates a way to bypass requirements in place under the special assessment laws designed to protect property taxpayers, those of us in the middle class working each day to provide for our families and to help make this a place we want to raise our children.

It’s hypocritical for Carlson to talk on one side of his mouth about how he wants to reduce property taxes while he testifies at the Capitol about the need to create a new taxing authority to raise our property taxes out of the other side of his mouth.

Amanda Patterson