Capitol is classroom for government students

Students in government classes at Burnsville High School get involved in what they are learning. They volunteer on campaigns and they serve as poll workers on Election Days.

When the Minnesota State Legislature is in session, the Capitol in St. Paul becomes their classroom.

All students who are in American Government and Politics this semester picked a bill to follow in the Legislature. They research the bill, contact interest groups and interview the author of it.

They put together a presentation on the issue that highlights pros and cons and also explains their own opinion on the issue. Then they write an essay identifying a position on the bill, and send a letter to their representative advocating their position.

Seniors Raven Klein and Britta Riggs selected a bill related to hydraulic fracking. They researched State Rep. Rick Hansen’s House File 425 and the environmental and economic impact of his proposal.

“We talked directly to the bill’s author and gained information we’d never have been able to find on the Internet,” said Raven.

BHS students also met with their own state representatives and senators to talk about current issues. Some students spotted Gov. Mark Dayton giving a speech to veterans and had a chance to meet him.